Keep Your Family Safe – Why eOn Mist Matters Now

How to Keep Your Family Safe When Visiting At Home

Over the holiday, my family faced the same question as most families in the country and in the world. Should we let our adult children come home? Do we dare gather?

Our answer was yes. We would gather post-negative test results, and use precautions, because we want to keep our family safe.

Then on the morning of December 24th, our eldest daughter woke up with a fever, fatigue and body aches.

No testing was available on the holiday weekend. We, as a family, had to decide how to get through the next few days. She immediately quarantined. AND, she needed to use the bathroom, which is a shared space.

We stocked the bathroom with eOn Mist and instructed her to completely mist the fixtures and room after each use.

This was our most sustained and rigorous use of eOn Mist inside our home since the pandemic began and the company was born.

display-pack Here is what we experienced:

  • eOn Sanitizing Mist IS easy to use even when you feel terrible and cleaning is not on the table. Pressing the activator comprehensively and continuously covers all surfaces,
  • eOn Sanitizing Mist DOES dry with no residue even after many uses,
  • eOn Sanitizing Mist DOESN’T leave a residual odor, and
  • eOn Sanitizing Mist DOES kill the COVID 19 virus as outlined by our registration on the EPA’s List N.
We have it in our cars, in our bags, in our entryway and now in our bathrooms. eOn got us through a rough holiday. Emma is OK now and no one else got sick.

Non-Toxic to Help Keep Your Family Safe

eOn Mist is effective with no tradeoff risks from chemical exposure. It is an important product now and into the future.

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