Why eOn Mist’s Hypochlorous Acid Disinfectant Technology is REVOLUTIONARY

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Completely safe for humans

The only thing this hypochlorous acid based disinfectant harms are viruses, viral spores and all related microbial villains.

At 500ppm, eOn Multi Surface Personal Sized Disinfectant is a powerful potent force from nature contained in a revolutionary aluminum can form factor that keeps it from interacting with oxygen until it is dispensed. At this concentration, eOn’s EPA registration details its efficacy for killing the virus that causes Covid 19 and all of the other viral and bacterial particles that wreak havoc at this time of year, especially THIS year.


Hypochlorous acid – if you’re like most people, you’ve only recently heard of it, despite the fact that it’s in your body. It’s there right now, fighting the good fight as part of your immune system, helping to fight infection. That’s because it’s the substance your white blood cells produce to keep you healthy.

It’s also the virucidal ingredient in electrolyzed water, made by industrial technology where electricity changes the chemical structure of salt and water into a cleaner and disinfectant more effective than household bleach without the toxicity. Hypochlorous acid kills viruses by penetrating the encapsulated cell membrane and inactivating key enzymes, disrupting nucleic acids rendering them non-functional, and causing oxidative damage to cell walls or other vital cell components.

eOn’s continuous spray acts as a fogging agent reaching all parts of surfaces we spray it on. In a sleek sexy ready to grab and use at any moment package.

For the consumer, this is not a risk/benefit conversation. It is a winning weapon which we can deploy anywhere and anytime. The only loser is the virus. The aluminum can form factor ensures potency with environmentally friendly bag on valve technology.

Here is a link to an excellent article from the NIH with more information about the use of hypochlorous acid for disinfection:


Hypochlorous Acid Benefits in Review

To review:
  • Safely non toxic
  • 500PPM ensures efficacy against viruses and viral spores
  • Listed on EPA’s LIST N for solutions rated with a 99.9% kill rate against the COVID 19 virus
  • Aluminum can form factor ensures potency by ensuring no oxygen reacts with the solution prior to dispensing
  • No risk benefit analysis that is present with chemical based cleaners

This is not grandma’s Lysol spray. This is established science working for the benefit of consumers facing an extraordinarily precarious time. Arm your customers with the means to protect themselves against the virus without repeated exposure to dangerous chemicals.

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