43 Designs is your outside sales team and a marketing/brand development company. Our emphasis as independent sales reps is to bring new and unique products to market.

Our portfolio of manufacturers and buyer relationships has continued to build over the years. The portfolio includes products from the health and wellness industry, pet supplies, branded apparel and the disinfectant and sanitizer space. Our customers are predominantly large national drug and grocery retailers. 43 Designs also has contacts in, and works with a wide variety of retailers across the country.

We bring our industry contacts and our reputation for excellence and integrity in all of the sales we broker. It's because of this that suppliers come to us to sell their variety of products.

We are account managers, not simply independent sales reps. We manage the supplier and buyer relationship. Driven by details and with our years of experience with vendor and item set up at the national retail level, we work with a straightforward attitude and with clear communication.

The strategic advantage we bring is the ability to craft a sales conversation that uses industry knowledge to frame any given product's market relevance. From product placement on the front end to deal management and supply chain integrity, we facilitate every aspect of the relationship between manufacturer and retailer. We are immediately responsive to any issue. It is always our role to make the life of the buyers we work with as easy as possible. We strive to anticipate needs and act before the ask.

A few of the major chains we have done business with:

CVS |Albertsons | Loves | Pep Boys

Work with us to represent your products in the marketplace.