Introducing eOn Mist Hand Sanitizer – In Stores Now

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Convenient Spray Hand Sanitizer

We are excited to introduce eOn Mist hand sanitizer. This FDA approved continuous spray 80% ethyl alcohol based formula is the twin to our surface disinfectant.

TOGETHER they provide a complete “Power Protection Pack“, effective on surfaces and hands as consumers navigate public areas.


The hand sanitizer repeats the same form factor as our original eOn Mist, a 2 oz, convenient, TSA friendly continuous spray that can be easily tucked into a bag, backpack or car console. As essential as a mask, these two items merchandised together in a blister pack or bundled as a two pack give the consumer the convenience of continuous spray. Just one touch of the button covers both hands. It provides immediate protection against any and all virus particles.

Many companies package their hand sanitizers in large bottles, cans, with pumps or flip tops. Our product is easy to use with one hand and carry.

We created our new hand sanitizer as we continue to focus on the new category of personal virus protection.

spraying on hands eOn Mist Hand Sanitizer will debut this Saturday, July 25 as one of the major sponsors of the Safe and Sound Concert Series, the first live concert since the pandemic arrived in the USA. Concert goers will drive into the venue, remain in their vehicles to enjoy the music, and receive a free sample of eOn Mist Hand Sanitizer. The inaugural event will feature The Chain Smokers and take place in the Hamptons. All proceeds will be donated to charities including “No Kid Hungry”. This concert series has a massive marketing effort behind it and will be attended by celebrities and influencers. Front and center on the stage will be a 15 foot representation of eOn Mist Hand Sanitizer.

Born of the Pandemic

There are many hand sanitizers on the market and many that have come to market in response to the pandemic. Similarly, our products too were born of the pandemic but we have created products for the long haul. As we long to see the end of this pandemic and look forward, the need for powerful protection will remain into the future.